Drop Off Laundry Service

Drop off Laundry Service,

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Same Day Service Available With our Drop Off laundry Service.

Customers come to the laundromat before 12AM, and use our Drop Off Locker Service and go about their business. We then do their laundry for them. At the end of the day, after work, customers return to the laundromat and pickup their clean laundry.

We offer everyday Laundry Drop off including Saturday and Sunday from  12AM-6:00 PM.

With all of our Drop Of Laundry We separate your laundry into white, colored, and dark laundry. We wash the whites in hot water with bleach and concentrated detergent to make your laundry as white as possible. The colored laundry is washed with a color safe detergent in warm water to preserve the original colors. The dark laundry is washed in cold water with a color safe detergent. All spots are pre-treated with a spotting agent. All laundry are dried according to the manufacturers labeling.

Shirts are either folded or hung on hangers while all other laundry are folded. All socks are paired. For customers who have special needs we can use a customer’s soap on request. We can also hang your wet laundry to dry upon request.

Comforters and bedspreads are washed and dried separately from all other laundry.

Drop off Laundry Service is billed by the pound.

Additional charges apply for comforters and bedspreads. With our laundry lockes you can pick up and drop off any time.

Drop Off Laundry Service

We accept cash & major credit cards on our Drop Off laundry Service and our Self serve machines.